One of the Greatest Warriors of the Ancient World

                             Alexander the Great

The ancient greeks didn't know what homosexuality was....and didnt have a word for it...it was considered normal for men to have a close bond...even have sex together...and to love one another...the greeks weren't stupid....their military commanders would deliberately put the male couples in the front line when going in to battle because they were the best and most fiercest fighters. They fought for each other...and still today...modern soldiers fight for their unit and their buddies...military trainers through the ages have known this and encourage it.

The greeks were a male dominated society...the men spent most of their daily activities in the company of other men...even their Olympics forbade women from participating and even attending and viewing the events.

Look at their art that has come down to us through the ages....an abundance of statues of male bodies in many poses...they adored the male body...and thus each other.

Greek men were required and expected to father children...always be ready to fight for their nation...and mentor young men to do the same.

Alexander the Great did not violate greek requirements of him...he was a father at 14 years of age...and sired many children in his life...a full on homosexual by our standards...but no greek thought any less of him... instead they adored him...and his military loved him...and he loved them...hence they followed him without question thoughout the known world...and conquered it.

Today...in military colleges around the world Alexander is called "the father of military strategy".... He was... and through brilliant tactics he would repeatedly win battles against forces much larger than his own...something rarely accomplished in his era.

We have an unusually large and reliable body of knowledge about Alexander,s life because of his incredible insight. When he took power in Greece he gathered to himself 12 men who were scholars and historians....and told them they would now stay with him and do nothing but write down everything that he did.

Alexander knew that much knowledge and history was lost through the ravages of time and poor documentation. Of the those 12 written histories of Alexander...we have today...only 3...but thats enough to know him well.